In today’s world, design is one of the most powerful means of communication. Whether consciously or unconsciously, it affects the majority of the decisions we make throughout our lives. There’s an intangible value to great graphic design. It is an agent of change, one that has radically transformed advertising.

The overall look, design, and consistency of your marketing materials say more about your company than all of the images, text, and links can ever say by themselves. The design of elements. The composition. The style. The artistic craft. It’s true: People are less likely to take the time to interact with your brand if your materials aren’t visually engaging or inviting.

Ultimately, graphic design is your brand’s first impression for your prospects. Yes, quality content matters, but incredible design and the passion that drives it matter just as much.

It’s about more than simply getting potential customers to remember your name, making things pretty and functional, or even lowering your bounce rate. It’s about being a client worth talking to and getting prospects inspired and excited to work with you.

As our Senior Graphic Designer, Linda Lam (a.k.a. Lamzidoodles), consistently demonstrates so convincingly, design makes you memorable, design motivates people to act, design communicates your values.

“A significant moment that changed my perspective about the industry was when I learned about Stefan Sagmeister in design school,” Linda explains. “He’s known for going his own route and incorporating his handwriting into his work, especially during the 90s, when people were dabbling with Photoshop on computers. I didn’t know that something as simple as your own handwriting could be used in design. Near the end of his book, Made You Look, he mentions how designers and artists have the power to touch people’s hearts by creating meaningful work. These words changed the way I thought about the concepts and philosophy behind the craft. It’s about more than just a pretty image.”

The extraordinary aesthetic of her work is driven by an enthusiastically eclectic approach that has been the hallmark of her career so far. She knows how to use graphic design to explain things, make things look better, and (every once in a while) change the world. Her true passion is expressed through an immaculate blend of typography, bold, arresting colors, and a striking style, which has shaped her extensive portfolio. She is a master letterer, illustrator, and lover of all cute things.

Recently, Linda was invited to showcase her work in the Aussi Gallery at the Art Institute of California – Orange County (her alma mater), where she featured a collection that celebrates her love of the Harry Potter world, excerpts from her sketchbooks, and a few empowering mantras that illustrate why this is the year she’s going to “thrive.”

Needless to say, her work is inspiring, and our agency wouldn’t be the same without her talent and creativity. Take a look.