It’s easy for anyone to get caught up in the day-to-day grind. But sometimes, we take a moment to stop, come together, and reflect on everything we’ve accomplished. Recently, one of our clients reminded us why we come to work each and every day, and why they keep coming back to us with new, exciting projects.

On Wednesday, September 13, Argosy University‘s marketing crew dropped by our shop not only to connect about upcoming initiatives, but also to say “thank you” for all the hard work and creativity we’ve executed for them over the years. The day began with Ginger Silverman (Vice Chancellor of Marketing), Andrea Zawacki (Marketing Operations Manager), and Laura Irons (Local Marketing Manager) joining the entire VDS team for breakfast in the conference room.

Donning a lavish ball gown, along with a crown and sash that read “Miss Argosy University,” Ginger then graciously thanked the team and expressed how much she is looking forward to our continued partnership. She first wore the outfit during an annual Argosy Marketing Communication meeting back in June and sent a picture of herself to EDMC President and CEO, Mark McEachen. Ginger unapologetically conveys a message of fearlessness and boldness. And if she has the courage to support Argosy University with such conviction, then we, too, can take risks when it comes to strategically executing our objectives for the client.

After all, client happiness is the number one priority.