Great design is visual artistry. It has the power to conjure emotion, to spark further thought, and to influence. Great design also effectively communicates your brand and has an honest intention in mind. In a nutshell, design is beauty backed by a meaningful message.

Making use of the visual aesthetics of design can dramatically impact your sales, profits, turnover, and growth—giving your business the edge over your competition. Regardless of the artistic medium, design must have something to say.

But the value of design goes far beyond simply making experiences seamless or selling a product or idea. Just ask legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser, the creator of I ♥️ NY, New York Magazine, Brooklyn Brewery, and many other iconic designs.

In this insightful three-minute short film created for the New York Times, Glaser shares some invaluable wisdom he’s collected from his decades of design experience, including the highs and lows of his career as well as the simple, yet remarkable, power of design, saying, “You invent what is real when you look at something and draw it.”