During the summer months, college students are often reluctant to stick around campus. How can you blame them? Simply put, The Art Institute of Atlanta needed support with boosting enrollment and engagement for its Summer Quarter 2017 campaign. Our team delivered.

We placed the spotlight on The Art Institute of Atlanta’s unique summer offerings as an immersive, beneficial experience for creative arts students, rather than just highlighting a particular program or course they should take. We wanted to leverage the fact that students could maximize this time and broaden their college experience by taking advantage of everything the campus had to offer. Because a student’s life and goals don’t stop in the summer.

The Summer Quarter 2017 campaign consisted of a social media series, poster series, table tents, homepage wallpaper, fun buttons, and targeted messaging.

Worth noting: The campaign was so impactful that the Austin, Raleigh, and Charlotte campuses wanted our creative, too!