The bicycle makes sense in a city like Long Beach, especially considering that the city recently allocated more than $20 million for bike-related projects, including new bike routes, protected bike lanes, painting shared lanes, and installing appropriate signage. Long Beach is even known as “the most bicycle friendly city in America.”

So when BIKEable Communities gave us the opportunity to redesign its logo, we wanted to make sure that our design reflected the connection of the bike to the cities diverse communities.

The bike chain link is used as a metaphor for the interconnection of these communities and places the bike front and center of that connection. Each chain link has a varying shade that represents them, and the line between the type represents the bike lanes that are part of BIKEable Communities’ mission.

And the green color? Since green is becoming the universal color for bike lanes, using this color firmly plants BIKEable Communities within the lexicon of city bike culture.